CASLAZUR is a luxury resort and swimwear label. Founder and designer Cassie Snelgar was inspired by Cape Town's beach-to-bar lifestyle and her own insatiable wanderlust to create the quintessential answer to the modern woman's need for 'getaway-glamour'.   

"I needed pieces that would travel well and adapt from the worlds' most beautiful cities to luxury resorts in one suitcase." Cassie Snelgar

The brand harnesses the glamour of Camps Bay's sun-kissed beaches and nightlife with the exotic culture of Africa.  CASLAZUR combines contemporary shapes, luxurious finishes and hand drawn prints to fit the demands of the wanderlust lifestyle.  

Signature pieces like our 'SILKINIS' and maxi dresses have earned us major celeb appeal with Cara Delevigne, Kylie Minogue and Tash Oakley all choosing CASLAZUR to take them from beach to bar.  

The lightweight, printed silks and natural woven fabrics elevate any wardrobe to the nonchalant, chic look we all crave in tropical settings.      

CASLAZUR believes in creating fashion that makes you feel as good as you look. Our collections are made exclusively from the highest quality natural fibres, using environmentally friendly production techniques which protect our beautiful planet.  

CASLAZUR.COM is the essential first stop on any exotic getaway! No visas required!